Hong Kong Whois Database

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Hong Kong Whois Database

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Hong Kong Whois Database

Available Fields:

num , domain_name , query_time , create_date , update_date , expiry_date , domain_registrar_id , domain_registrar_name , domain_registrar_whois , domain_registrar_url , registrant_name , registrant_company , registrant_address , registrant_city , registrant_state , registrant_zip , registrant_country , registrant_email , registrant_phone , registrant_fax , administrative_name , administrative_company , administrative_address , administrative_city , administrative_state , administrative_zip , administrative_country , administrative_email , administrative_phone , administrative_fax , technical_name , technical_company , technical_address , technical_city , technical_state , technical_zip , technical_country , technical_email , technical_phone , technical_fax , billing_name , billing_company , billing_address , billing_city , billing_state , billing_zip , billing_country , billing_email , billing_phone , billing_fax , name_server_1 , name_server_2 , name_server_3 , name_server_4 , domain_status_1 , domain_status_2 , domain_status_3 , domain_status_4 ,


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Hong Kong Whois Database

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