Complete Whois Database (2012-2021)

(Last Updated 2021-08-05 1:30 UTC)

Database Total Added today Sample Price Buy
Complete Whois Database (2012-2021) 411,000,307 90,058 Download 99,999 INR Buy Now
Complete Cleaned Email Database (2017-2021) 2,289,862 2,467 Download 99,999 INR Buy Now
Complete Cleaned Mobile Database (2017-2021) 1,764,582 1,940 Download 99,999 INR Buy Now

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Complete Domains Database FAQs

Yes, the complete Whois Database contains historical data starting from the year 2012.
We use CSV, JSON, XML, Elastic Search formats in providing the complete whois database.
You can download the data directly from the dashboard, using your login credentials.
We provide all the whois details but without the whois details behind the proxy. The proxy service becomes the registered name holder of the record, and if its identity and contact information is displayed in Whois data it is at odds with the GDPR guidelines (General Data Protection Regulation).
Yes, the samples are available for sample downloads on the dashboard and you can directly download them.
Yes, you can purchase a category-based domains database. The order will be customized according to the demands of the buyer. The prices also vary for the same as per the customized script and how frequently you want the data, i.e. monthly, quarterly, yearly.
The data coverage for the complete domains database is 96%.
Yes, We can install all databases on your server. For that, you have to pay a one-time cost of 999 INR.
The data has been collected from the year 2012 for the historic domain database.
Yes, the data is accurate to the seconds for the complete whois data.
You can go to and see the conversions through their conversion table and be sure of the price accordingly.
There is no refund for the historic whois database as, once we share the data, it becomes invaluable as it's SaaS-based work. So there is no refund once we share the data.
If you want the historic data then it approximately takes 1-2 hours to get updated.